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Created 31-Mar-12
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Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next!
I have travelled all over Queensland, by yacht in 2000 where I took 3 months to sail from Cairns to Mooloolaba stopping at every island in between. By road all over the state and my air, seeing a stunning land from above. My home state!
Dawn, Airlie Beach AnchorageAngel Wings, The Bluff, Alexandra HeadlandDawn, Brisbane RiverMoreton BayFire in the Sky, Alexandra HeadlandBlue Waterhole, The DaintreeDawn Lowtide, CairnsDaintree River Mouth at SunsetCape Tribulation, The DaintreePoint Arkwright, Sunshine CoastSunrise at the Loo with a View, MooloolabaMooloolaba Fishing FleetNew Decade Dawn, 1st January 2010, Point CartwrightDouble Island PointSunset, Cotton TreeDunk Island, SunsetCoral Cay, Great Barrier ReefMain beach, Fitzroy IslandNudey Beach, Fitzroy Island, Far North QLDFirst Wave, Alexandra Headland

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