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Created 2-Jun-14
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By plane and hanging out of a helicopter, I captured these images on an assignment for Kakadu Air. Such incredible country!
This journey begins flying from Darwin over the mouths of the West, East and South Alligator Rivers, then following the East Alligator down and through the Arnhemland Escarpment in a loop up the East and across to the South Alligator River to Yellow Water. From there over to the Arnhemland Escarpment and back to Jabiru.
Contact Kakadu Air at to take a scenic flight soon.
Coastal FloodplainsCoastal FloodplainsCoastal Floodplains near West Alligator RiverCoastal Floodplain near West Alligator RiverWest Alligator RiverFloodplains near the South Alligator RiverSouth Alligator River MouthWetlands of the East Alligator RiverEast Alligator RiverEast Alligator Wetlands near UbirrOutlier and Billabong near East Alligator RiverThe Arch Arnhemland EscarpmentThe ArchwayArnhemland EscarpmentDinosaur ValleyDinosaur ValleyEscarpmentWater BuffaloEast Alligator River winding through the Arnhemland EscarpmentEast Alligator River looking back

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