Tracy Ryan Darwin photographers.Tracy RyanTracy Ryan is a Darwin based professional landscape, nature, commercial and Google virtual tour photographer.
For as long as I can remember I've loved the outdoors, travelling and art!

Must have been because I was conceived on gorgeous Mooloolaba Beach, Queensland (a fact that only came to light in 2006! no wonder it feels so much like home there!). I've spent much of my life traveling the country either by sky, road or sea.

My father joined the Royal Australian Air Force when I was 5 and the family was posted to several Australian towns and overseas to Penang, Malaysia.

Growing up I vowed I wanted to stay in one place, yet when I became an adult, the travel bug hit, and I went off again, travelling to many Queensland islands and settling for a time in Hobart, Tasmania.

My dream was one day to sail a yacht in the Whitsunday Islands, in Queensland and in 1998 I bought my first yacht and settled back in Mooloolaba. A few years later in 2000, I competed in an international yacht race as the navigator and 'radio chick' from Brisbane to the Solomon Islands. We came second!
I spent the next few months sailing back from the Solomon Islands (when war broke out and we had to evacuate) and cruising the Queensland coast along with three of my five children.

That's when I fell in love of the ocean and it's teeming life, beaches and shells came to the fore. Many times on those voyages between ports I saw sights that were of wonderment and complete joy, but having no means of recording those beautiful scenes I committed them to memory.

Having spent 2 years sailing I decided to return to Mooloolaba with the children and enrolled in an Arts degree. I received a High Distinction studying Photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Victoria, yet never completed the Arts degree as I had found my passion in photography. My tutors encouraged me to just keep practicing and practicing and follow my heart with my photography. I decided to capture beautiful images of this planet and Australia in particular, showing the world just how beautiful this country is, as well as encouraging others through my work to look after our precious home.

Since 2005, I've been travelling all over Australia, experiencing so many wonderous sights and scenes. I have been a tour guide through the Kimberley and along the Western Australian coast and am a Kakadu National Park tour guide, having lived in Darwin, Northern Territory for five years.

Late 2012 I also became the Northern Territory's only Google Trusted Photographer and have expanded that to encompass all of Australia. I can create amazing virtual tours of your accommodation, shop or any business that wants to show the world your wares. These tours (Google Business Street View) are added to your Google Maps listing as well as your website and social media pages.

I encourage you wholeheartedly to enjoy and own one of my photographs of this amazing world! 

"Take only photos, leave only footprints."



Winner - Innovation Business Woman of the Year - Canberra Women in Business


Finalist - Innovation Business Woman of the Year - Canberra Women in Business


Honourable Mention - International Photography Awards, USA Family of Man, Childhood - We All Belong Together
Honourable Mention - International Photography Awards, USA - Trees Category - Wading
Finalist Nomination - Black & White Spider Awards, London, UK - Nature Category - Devils Marble's



Fifth Annual Exposure Awards - Louvre, Paris, France - Landscape Category - Jokulsarlon Lagoon
Bronze Award - Epson International Pano Awards Open Nature/Landscape category - Dawn Light
Honourable Mention - International Photography Awards, USA - Nature Other - Ice Floe
Finalist Nomination - International Color Awards, London, UK - Aerial Category - Wetlands, Kakadu National Park
Honourable Mention - One Shot, One World, International Photography Awards - USA - Home, Place - Adelaide River Floodplain


Honourable Mention - One Shot, One World, International Photography Awards - USA - Don't Go
Finalist Nomination - Photography Masters Cup - USA - Sunset Van Diemen Gulf
Finalist Nomination - Black and White Spider Awards - USA - The Temple

Google Trusted Photographer 2013 Award Winner
Honourable Mention - Black & White Spider Awards, London, Landscape Category - Lake Jindabyne
Honourable Mention - International Photography Awards, Los Angeles, California, USA - Special, Little Planets of the Northern Territory

Honourable Mention, Black & White Spider Awards, Architectural Category -
Museum Singapore
Honourable Mention - International Photography Awards, Los Angeles, California, USA -  Sunsets, Leschenauldt National Park, Western Australia


Honourable Mention - International Photography Awards, Los Angeles, California, USA, - Water 1,2,3,4 
Exhibitor - World Photography Collection, London, UK

Four Honourable Mentions - International Photography Awards 2009, California USA, Nature Category - This is Australia!, Angel in the Clouds, Sails, Sydney Opera House & Bird of Paradise
"Inspire Your Day ~ A Little Book of Inspiration" Photo Book 
Exhibitor - Fresh Fair 2009, 24 - 26 April 2009. Pier 59 Studios West, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA


1st Place - International Photography Awards 2008, California USA, Nature Section with Series -
Into the Sea, Mooloolaba
Contributor - Oprah, Breathing Space, Spirit and Self, - Angel Wings, Mooloolaba -

Honourable Mention - International Photography Awards 2007, California USA , Nature Section with Series-  The Dunes' Fraser Island
Finalist - International Association of Panoramic Photographers's 4th Annual Juried Panoramic Photography Contest, Massechusetts, USA, 'Freedom', Rainbow Beach

6 Awards, 3 Blue Ribbons, 1 Red Ribbon & 2 White Ribbons - International Association of Panoramic Photographers, International Panoramic Photographic Competition 2006 - 'After the Storm' Mooloolaba , 'Little Wategos' Byron Bay, 'Mooloolaba Beach Dawn' , 'The Cattleyard' Outback QLD , 'Sydney Harbour' Australia .
2nd Place - BHP Billiton, Image of the Outback Competition - The Cattleyard