"Inspire Your Day
A Little Book of Inspiration"

Inspire Your Day ~ A Little Book of Inspiration is a fusion of memorable quotes and breathtaking photographs by an award-winnng photographer and motivator.

Designed to be thought-provoking as well as inspirational, the 80 pages of this book uses the natural landscape of Australia to inspire reflection and self-improvement by the reader.




“Inspiring, refreshing and thought provoking, Tracy’s book and it’s collection of piercing insights and stunning photographs is pure escape. It’s a work of brilliance!”

Mike Dooley, bestselling author or “Notes from the Universe” and teacher in “The Secret ”DVD www.tut.com


“Tracy takes an incredibly positive approach to life, and unsurprisingly it's reflected in her photography. There's an irresistible optimism in all her images, from the detail and careful framing of her close up shots, through to her evocative use of sun and sky in the landscape and coastal images.”

David O’Sullivan, Publisher, Photo Review Australia www.photoreview.com.au


'What a stunning reminder of the beauty and magic that can be found in our world!  What wonderful words of wisdom and absolutely magnificent photographs, wow! Thank you for sharing this Tracy, this provides so much more inspiration than I could have imagined from one book!'

Deb King, Director, Be In The Groove - making a positive difference through music!


"Empowering and inspiring photographs with the vision to live our dreams in this beautiful life of ours ,Tracy you shine your love and passion on us all through your amazing photography and positivity, for that I am truly grateful"

Heidi Finlay - The Biggest Inspire Your Day Fan in the Universe


 “I am lucky enough to call Tracy Woolley my friend and I can truly say she’s as inspirational in person as she is within these pages. By combining her award-winning photography with thoughts from some of history’s wisest people, Tracy has created a treasury of reminders to live life to its fullest and appreciate the present.”

Sarah Pye, Author, Kids Welcome www.kidswelcome.com.au


 “Warm, joyful, serene.  Perfectly economical in its wisdom and beauty  - only the essentials; faith, courage, ardour, love. Each page is a beautifully crafted stepping stone on the path of awakening to the limitless light within.”  

 Rachael Brady, Indie Australian folk singer/songwriter, vegan, humanitarian, mother



“I’ve known Tracy Woolley to be a truly gifted photographer for a number of years now. She has put a whole new level to my respect for her work by compiling the book you are holding in your hands. The power of pictures and the power of words combined. It’s my perfect match. Credit goes to Tracy for creating this potent mixture, that will have you STOP! and think about life.”

Marc de Bruin, Landmarc Coaching & Health Solutions www.landmarc.info



“A beautiful gathering of inspirational thoughts to re-energise the health of your spirit, your journey, your life….”

 Joan Fuller, Businesswoman & Entrepreneur


“Tracy’s pictures slip me right back into that feeling of the Grace of God that I felt on visiting Australia and she captures the way nature reveals the Divine through her very being. I see them as a kind of contemporary spiritual teaching, to take us deeper through her visual revelations of the soul of the great continent that is Australia. Her inspiring quotes combined with the images are a delightful wake up call to wake up to Life itself.”

Rev. Peter Lloyd, interfaith minister, editor of Positive News Hong Kong and www.holisticasia.com


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